My story......

However, Bonnie had never interfered into a breed, she has been our stirps. And in addition, she has never involved the breed directly, I found out my breeding station and I have met many of new friends in favour of her – they are Siberian Cat breeders who entered into my life. The most of these friendships are still very firm and stable.

I am absolutely not sure how did it happen, but during one Autmn day I have made a decision to buy a cat. It was due to a feeling that something important is missing in our flat. Well, actually, however  we have planned a baby somewhen  later, the feeling of necessity to have a small pet seemed to be so strong. I am going to buy a cat, this was my final decision. I bought a magazine called Our cats and browsed through all enclosed information there. And there were a lot of beautiful cats. I showed this magazine to my granny only as  if „by the way“ and she avowed :“Oh yes, cool, I really like cats!“   I felt as if she agreed. Afterwards I showed this magazine to my husband and he ratified it, as well : „Yes, we want exactly this!“  Now, everythig is clear – here will be a cat!

We were interested in Norwegian Forest Cats, but they weren´t so extended in Czech Republic. And definitelly, there was no possibility to get them promptly according to my wish. I realize that small tigers who have a similar look as Norwegian Forest Cats are Siberians. So I found an advertisement, checkes web pages and guesed that Mrs. Motllová, Siberian cat breeder, lives only a several minutes far from our house. It was Saturday. I called her to express my wish to see her kitten. Unfortunatelly, she was spending a weekend in a cottage with her family. And that was the time of questions-shower. About 5 callings with many important questions, requests and interests. I tried to ask her for everything. We fixed an appointment on Monday. I don´t know exactly why or how, but I was absolutelly sure to take a cat called Bonnie imidiatelly.  Not even I though if the cat is healthy or likable to us. Thank´s God, everything turned out to be OK.

On Monday afternoon I got Bonnie closed in a container into my house. No one was at home. My grany arrived later and gazed out at the door. Yes, it was completelly my secret action and nooneelse knows it. My granny asked me hesitantly : „It is ours?“

I had to go to work in the evening. When I was leaving the house, Bonnie played with my granny used small balls and mouselets. During the evening my husband arrived home from work. And he was quite angry, granny said later. He phoned me, but according to my bussy time I wasn´t able to pick up the phone. I got home with tears in my eyes and I expected the worst. My husband was lying in a bed without a word and what about Bonnie? She lied by his feet covered by a blanket. He whispered with his first finger keeping up : „Pssssssst, Bonnie is sleeping!“ So, Bonnie was domesticated.

Bonnie is so beautiful cat and her first owner wished to show Bonnie. Why not, I wanated to try it. Bonnie, unfortunatelly, doesn´t like cat-shows and she had finished her carrier with Interchampion item. That was the time for kittens. No kittens came in spite of many attempts of insemination or tom-cat changings.Unfortunatelly we didn´t gain any kittens. We arranged with a sterilization in February 2010 and she has exactly been the pet she´s always pretended to be since then.

We were forced to solve some unpleasant situations : Bonnie was scared about other cats and quite aggressive during cat-shows. MVDr. Žertová helped us with this problem and she recommanded buying a cat-friend for Bonnie. Despite claims the risk was still there : The risk that she accepts another cat at home, but the fear from strange cats would be still here. The collective and  well-considered action followed.