Kittens - general informations

We obligatorily make a reservation for kittens up to 6 – 8 week of their life. Up until this period is possible to recognise their temper, type, character,  show or breed qualities.

Our kitten could go to the new families at 3 month age and more and you will get at the same time :

- The  FIFE  pedigree – oneīs of the most worldwide organization
- transfer for breeding cats
- EU passport
- CD with photos

- Some favourite wet food, dry food, toys, a bowl, the Royal Caninīs starting packet...etc

At this time is the kitten properly:

- chipped ( by an electronic chip )

 - 3-times dewormed
-  double  vaccinated by PUREVAX RCPCh
/vaccinated: Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia Psittaci/
-  once vaccinated against rabies - Nobivac Rabbies / with 3 years validity /
-  everything is correctly under the written Sales agreement, where there are all the health certificate copies of both parents enclosed
/ DNA tests: GSD IV, PKD, HCM1, HCM USG, CIN USG, PKD USG, FeLV, FIP a FIV - everything is negative/

A catīs sale only for a pet has the same importance for us as cats saled for breeding or for cat shows. We provide a breederīs and a show service free of charge to all buyers for 2 years minimally. By the kittenīs sale, the contact with a new breeder doesnīt stop.  We are interested in how our rearings are growen up, we are glad to see their photos or glad to come and see a cat in itīs new home.