A Cattery Philosophy and A Cattery Intention

I started a cat-cattery activities like a pure virgin. I didnīt know absolutely anything about it. I have met only village - outdoor cats, which were everywhere around us. I knew that having a female cat is a kind of misfortune, īcos of neverending bearing kittens and other reason are studs donīt want to catch mice and in addition, they only dangle after cat-girls. 

My mental outlook got into a progress by buying our first cat with „pedigree“. Now I am sure where I am exactly in the process of breeding, then which system of cattery I do, where is the aim of my voyage and all ways pointing to it.

Firstly, I suppose and I admit realistically that I am not an owner of any ideal cats. Simply seeking – who is? The standard is relentless, thereīs no doubt about it, in the other hand more or less  it could be freely translated or understanded : look „slightly roundet forehead“ might be too slightly for somebody or less slightly for anyone else. I know the mistakes which my cats have and by a pedigree monitoring, breeding lines and catteries I am trying to do my best to chose the right partner – stud, I mean – for my cats. Iīve got 3 cats right now and each of them has  a completely different appearance and it needs an elimination of some external features and in addition, it needs to intensify other affirmative features.

I really donīt want to make a basic mistake as many unexperienced breederrs and beginners  do. And anyway, I only suppose that due to simplify the breeding and may be due to some  financial reasons, many beginners decided to buy a couple of  cats, well, actually, in the other hand I definitely do not understant why. In the beginning I didnīt know anything about types of NFO which are possible to recognize. There are so many around world as I know today. These breeders are reliant on an offspring that the couple of NFO cats would gave to him/her. In a case of  a good luck if breeders would buy cats with medium quality features and during first two or maximum three litters they enjoy medium quality offsprings. Itīs proved that two or maximum three litters might have been satisfied for breeders, then the quality of an offspring rapidly decrease. And what would be the effect? There are pet-producers in stead of cat breeders with high ambitions.

It would be really difficult to find only one stud for all of three cats I own. I am still motivated to search for the right studs due to the plan of improve excellent offsprings in spite of all difficulties and eliminate all negative features by this selection. I have to own up that this is a hard job, īcos if I found an appropriate stud, he might be from closed cattery and it means no grade. I am able to do anything for an ideal stud, believe me. I do not know any distance big enough to confound. Logically, why? That is the question! I definitelly do not only have some kittens, but in addition I need to bring something new into my cattery and push the level one step higher. The higher level is for other breeders, as well, who I will sell these cats. And well, actually, the capacity of our flat is limited which means I really donīt want to wake up one morning to find out that our flat is a one big catīs den. I wish our family felt pleasantly in a catīs company. Anyway, I do not want to accommodate all my life according to catīs cattery needs. By all means, I provide much more better cats than I have at home to the new breeders with a pleasure. And finally, I take pleasure in show-successes of these new owners more than in my own.

If any breeder claims that all kittens from one birth are destined for cattery purposes and shows, do not believe him or her and run away promptly. The right sort would always open up all positive and negative features of his cat.  Reason? Well, then you are able to follow these facts and work with them like to support pros and eliminate exterier negatives or defects of a new increase, or only by a right choice of a partner.

And thatīs what a cattery should be about.

Thereīs written in a breeding rules : „The aim of any cattery is to bring up an individual with better offsprings than itīs parents have. “