10.12.2012 - Elais Gatta*PL celebrate her 7 years today! Happy Birthday Eliška!



Till today - she has 26 kittens, 69 grand-children and 43 grand-grand-children in the next countries: Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Netherland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain and Canada ♥♥♥♥♥

Dear Elais we wish you all the best to your birthday, keep your healt status as you have now and we are happy to enjoy a lot of nice moments in the future!


1.12.2012 -  Super show start of  Enrico von Lacman*CZ living in Nordrasill*PL

Special NFO show - Warszawa:  ex1, BIV, nom and Best in show kitten

CONGRATULATIONS and BIG THANKS for super presentation of Enrico!

30.11.2012 - Elais Gatta*PL - HCM normal /3rd screening/

Charlotte von Lacman*CZ - HCM normal /2nd screening/

S*Zygot´s Yaki-Da - HCM normal /3rd screening/

The screening of the genetical diseases are very important for us, we are so happy from results.


23.11.2012 - Happy Birthday! Litter "A" is 5 years old today.


6.11.2012 - Our kittens Ethel, Florance and  Fabio are still available. More in part "Kittens"

All reserved kittens are already in hew homes. Good luck to all!


We like to go to the better way of breeding and the whole-life education is very important for us. We already done a  Pawpeds Academy kurs G1 last week and we are a first cattery from Czech republic, who did this prestige course. I hope a lot of breeders will folow us and start to educate this way.

The list of students Pawpeds Academy G1 is here



30.10.2012 - Update of the kitten page is ready with new pictures of kittens. That is a last photoshooting of whole litters. They will move to the new homes this weekend.

More pictures from photoshooting in Facebook here

But we still have a kitten available: Ethel, Florance, Elisabeth and Fabio. Ready move to the new home.

29.9.2012 - Some of our kittens did know their new owners after this weekend. But some of them are still looking for a sweet hands to cuddle and feet to seated them.

If you are looking for the right lovely norvegian kitty, may be is right here waiting for you

25.9.2012 - I am so sorry, but you will see no pictures from this week /litter E- 8 week, F- 7 week/. One from our kitty was runing so much then our camera with flash must go to service.....

But I hope you will love this lovely picture of our kittens - they are love it...

We have a kittens! Charlotte and Elais are already mothers! More infos are in "Kittens"



14.8.2012 - We like to introduce you our kittens on their litter pages.

I will be happy to share new pictures of them every Tuesday. Enjoy it!


8.8.2012 - Happy Birthday! Our litter "B" is already 4 years old!


4.8.2012 - We have a kittens! Charlotte and Elais are already mothers!

We will bring you some news during next week.



3.7.2012 - We bring exciting news to all admirers of Norwegian forest cats. Our breeding plans are shaping up and you can look forward, together with us, to kittens from Elais and Charlotte, which are supposed to be born by the beginning of August. Visit the “Plans” section where you can find more information.


1.7.2012 - Elais is grand-grandmother again!  av Littenfoss*A have 5 newborns!

29.6.2012 - Happy Birthday! - our litter "C" have they 3rd Birthday today!


10.5.2012 - Happy Birthday! - our neuter female IC Bonnie Hope Cat*CZ  is already 7  years old

7.5.2012 - Elais  is grandmother again....but also finaly a grand-grandmother!

 IC Cornelis von Lacman*CZ is father of 4 kittens in  Bjornpote*D, but also a grandfather

in Bjornpote*D has 5 grandchilren, in Bosque Arashi*SP have 3 grandchildren and in av Littenfoss*A have 6 grandchildren

We are pround, congratulate and wish only all the best to them.......!!!!!!!!


2.4.2012 - Our breeding females have been USG controled  for a  PKD and CIN with "negative" results.. We have updated some informations about our cats, plans and put some more pictures.

Happy Easter time for all.....


24.2.2012 - Happy Birthday! - our lady CH S* Zygot´s Yaki-Da is already 5  years old

20.2.2012 - Happy Birthday! - our litter "D" have they 1st Birthday today!



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