11.12.2013 - We got a DNA results from VHL, NL for our two breeding females:

Elisabeth von Lacman and Charlotte von Lacman are DNA FREE of these deceases:


We are so happy!


Dear Elais, we like to congratulate to your 8th Birthday and we wish you all the best,

especially lot of healthy years with us! Thank you so much for your 6 litter and 32 kittens.

Litter "G" was the last litter of Elais, she finish a breeding carrier and stay with us like a beloved pet.

27.11.2013 - We like to introduce our kittens  from litter "H" on their litter page.

We will keep you informed about some news and pictures every Wednesday.



23.11.2013 - Happy Birthday! Litter "A" is already 6 years old! We wish them all the best!


20.11.2013 - We have a kittens!  Elisabeth become a mother of her first litter!

We will bring you some news during next week.


18.11.2013 - All kittens find a new homes, we wish them all the best and lot of love.

We would like to introduce our upcoming litter H. More infos in the "Plans"



6.10.2013 - We like to introduce our kittens on their litter page. Some of them are still available. If you like to have some of our beautifull kittens at home, you can contact us. Some of kittens are available


9.8.2013 - We have a kittens!  Elais become a mother again!

We will bring you some news during next week.


7.7.2013 -  We would like to introduce our upcoming litter G. We are so so happy!



30.6.2013 - Elisabeth on the cat show in Brno: 2x ex1, 2x CACIB  and become a  Interchampion. Congratulations!

29.6.2013 - Happy Birthday! Litter "C" is already 4 years old! We wish them all the best!

16.6.2013 - Elisabeth on the Int. Cat show in Viničné /SR/ : 2x ex1, 1x CAC, 1x CACIB  and she is Champion now. Congratulations!


10.6.2013 - The first cat show of our Elisabeth with excellent results. Int. Cat show in Příbram with: 2x ex1, 2x CAC, 2x nomination a 2x Best in Show female. Congratulations, excellent debuit!



11.5.2013 - We like to go to the better way of breeding and the whole-life education is very important for us. We already done a  Pawpeds Academy course G2 last week and we are a first cattery from Czech republic, who did this prestige course. I hope a lot of breeders will folow us and start to educate this way.

The list of students Pawpeds Academy G1 is here and G2 here




10.5.2013 - Happy Birthday! - our lovely  IC Bonnie Hope Cat*CZ  is already 8  years old today!


6.4.2013 - We like to proundy annonce, then we have a first Junior Winner von Lacman! Enrico!

Big Thanks for showing him! Congratulations!


24.2.2013 - Happy Birthday! - our lovely  CH S* Zygot´s Yaki-Da is already 6  years old today!

20.2.2013 - Happy Birthday! Litter "D" is 2 years old today.


29.1.2013 - We would like to introduce our "new" star Elisabeth von Lacman*CZ, she stays int he cattery. She will have her own cat page on our web soon. I just put her picture - comparing with  a father Orlando on the same age. I hope she will be so nice in the future as her father..... propably nicer ......




27.1.2013 - Succesfull weekend for Enrico von Lacman*CZ, living in Nordrasill*PL

Int. show Warszava SAT: ex1 , nom, BIS kitten and BIC - Best in Category II.

Int. show Warszava SUN: ex1 , BIV, nom and BIS kitten




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